The General Meeting

The General Meeting shall be comprised of:

  • The Chairman and Executive Board who shall prepare and recommend proposals for the General Meeting
  • One delegate from each full member country accompanied by one advisor if required.

The General Secretary shall be advised in writing before the General Meeting
of the name of each country's delegate.

The Convenor of each Working Group, former Presidents and Chairmen of ARGE, if not
already their country's delegate, will be entitled to attend meetings of the
General Meeting.

The General Meeting shall meet during each Annual Working Conference
and at other times as the Chairman shall decide.

The duties of the General Meeting shall be:

  • to elect a Chairman and Executives
  • to appoint the General Secretary
  • to constitute Working Groups
  • to receive applications for membership and to accept unanimously or reject them
  • to formulate future policy of ARGE and to do all such other things as are in the best interests of members.
  • to approve audited accounts
  • to approve the annual budget
  • to fix the annual subscription of each member.

In the event of a decision requiring a vote each country present shall be
entitled to one vote.

For a decision to be effective there shall be at least a majority of countries attending and a quorum of at least 50% of all ARGE member countries.