The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers

What we do

The objectives of ARGE are:

  • To provide an opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss common problems and opportunities.
  • To represent the interests of members on any European or international body.
  • To represent and to take any appropriate action to protect the interests of its members, in particular:
    • in matters of standardisation
    • in matters of regulatory rules resp. legislation
    • in the sphere of International Trade competition
  • To collect and disseminate information of particular importance to the membership.
  • To support its members in progressing of standards development and the creation of special Working Groups.
  • Full membership is open to all appropriate National Industry Associations having voluntary membership and domiciled in Europe.

Board structure and ARGE's officers are as follows:

The ARGE Board

  • The Chairman plus 2-6 Board members.

  • Board members are proposed and appointed by the General Meeting.

  • The election period of a Board member is 3 years.
  • Chairman and Board members come from different member countries.
  • ARGE's Secretary General.

The Executive Team

  • The ARGE Board plus 3 - 5 Executives.
  • Executive Team members are proposed and appointed by the ARGE Board.
  • Executives do not have a limited election period.