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ARGE makes progress in standardization


ARGE continues to be closely involved with innovatins to the European standardisation framework for building hardware. Following the resolutions agreed at ARGE's General Meeting last September, it has been working with key decision makers at CEN and the European Commission to initiate changes to the standards process.

Since September 2017 changes have been made to WG4, the working group for building hardware. The group is now receiving more financial support from ARGE members and the chairman's team and secretariat are staffed by one member state - Sweden. As the new chair, Inge Lidén brings to the role previous experience of WG4, as well as expertise from his work as the secrtary of the SAS, the Swedish National Standards Institute.

One of the first orders of business for WG4 is the requested revision of Mandate M101 for doors, windows and construction hardware. An open survey within the construction industry, which closed in May 2018, indicated that whilst most participants wish to maintain the CPR in general they are in favour of a major revision to the regulation. TC33 has now been requested to submit proposals by this autumn for an improved mandate M 101 , which will be taken into consideration when revising the CPR.

One of the most critical areas for WG4 to adress is the performance proof and guarantee related to product standards. Previously this has been an area of contention between experts of the TCs and CEN consultants. Improvements to product standards take into account many areas, such as the use of the CE marking process and how these standards apply when used as a component product of doors and windows. A major issue will it be on how to face the "essential characteristic" of construction hardware to "Basic Requirement of Construction Works" N° 7, sustainable use of natural resources.

Meetings have already taken place between WG4 and ARGE delegates and the European Commission services in order to adress these issues first hand and make further progress harmonising product performances of construction hardware.

Further updates from WG4 can be expected at the ARGE conference, taking place in Rotterdam from 13th to 15th September.



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