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Does ARGE Need To Update DoP Templates?

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Cast your minds back to over two years ago, before the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force.

At this time, ARGE presented a series of Declarations of Performance (DoPs) templates for a variety of locks and hardware.

Since July 2013 DoPs have been required for products covered by a harmonised standard hEN, relating to eleven product types in detail.

The DoPs have been a key concept in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which we have worked hard to increase awareness and accessibility for.

The templates we provided can be downloaded from the members section of the webpage, helping our members remain competitive and access lucrative specifications.

It has since been clarified that DoPs can also be presented as electronic versions.

There are currently discussions taking place as to whether these DoPs could placed together with the CE mark on one paper document or file.

In light of all of this we would like to find out the answer to the below questions:

Are our recent templates still appropriate?

Should we attempt to bring in practical solutions for the application of DoPs and the CE marking?

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