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How does the CPR work in practice since its introduction in 2013?


It’s hard to believe that more than two years have passed since the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force, signaling the start of a steady transition to more Pan European standards.

Since the CPR was introduced in July 2013, all member states have been obliged to CE mark their hardware products; providing they are covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN).

The majority of manufacturers were already using a CE mark voluntarily and have noticed little change, but for some they had to play a serious game of ‘catch up’.

Following this, many discussions have arisen regarding certain details of the CE marking process and relating to Declarations of Performance.

Now that the CPR has been settled in practice for manufacturers and distributors, the latest question that should be on everyone’s lips is “Are there more things to clarify with the European Commission (EC) or European Committee for Standardization (CEN)?”

At ARGE we have good contact with EC officials and we are seen as an independent organisation and thus as a counterpart for the Commission Services and we hope to help provide clarification for the future of CPR. 


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