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We’d like to start by thanking members who attended the 2016 ARGE conference in Le Touquet in full force - your attendance and active participation resulted in one of our most successful conferences to date.

Thanks to hosts UNIQ, the annual conference provided a great platform for reporting on the success of our EPD programme and looking towards shaping the future ARGE agenda.

We were delighted to welcome Frank Grootens, the authorised representative of IBU from Berlin, who presented the ARGE Executive Board with the published EPDs, covering, door closers, sliding door gears, locks, lock cylinders, panic exit devices, door and window handles, hinges and window fittings. The remaining EPDs were completed post conference, meaning we now have 14 industry representative EPDs, which are valid throughout Europe.

But more importantly, our 64th annual ARGE Conference was all about looking to the future. Setting the agenda and agreeing the future strategic priorities was a key objective at this year’s event and one that we were pleased to see all delegates actively involved with.

Workshops were set up to facilitate and stimulate these discussions. These groups focused on:

  1. the future direction of standard developments;
  2. security requirements for the administration of Master Key Systems;
  3. creating a recognised European quality brand, and;
  4. the application of standards covering smart homes, connected devices and elmech technologies.

Working Groups have now been created, whose task it is set objectives and define appropriate actions around these issues. You can read our post on ‘Workshops – what’s happening next?’ to find out more.

If you missed out on the latest event or would like to revisit any of the presentations given, then all documents can be downloaded from the resource section

If you attended this year’s conference, we’d like to hear your thoughts on how you found the conference. Which workshop did you attend and what are your thoughts on the future direction of ARGE?

Leave your comments in the box below and we’ll respond to all posts. 


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