ARGE Strategy Forum


Tell us what topics you would like to see discussed in the ARGE Forum…


The ARGE Forum is a new platform for members and external audiences to discuss issues and opportunities that are of interest to them.

The Forum will feature articles by leading figures within or connected to the locking and security industry, and will give a platform for other people to add their own comments or observations to those articles.

The Forum will be moderated and controlled by ARGE, and all discussions will be kept constructive - but people who contribute comments and discussions may be invited to submit discussion articles for the Forum in turn.

We would like to hear from you what topics you would like to see covered in the Forum, and also to hear from people who would like to submit articles for the Forum.

For more information, submit a comment below, or contact us with an outline of what you would like to see discussed, or what subject you would like to cover in your article.

Please remember to provide contact details - all comments will be reviewed and then may be published on the site, so if you don't want your comment to appear please indicate this in your comment.


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