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Will you be joining ARGE in Italy?


The Venice region of Italy has been announced as the venue for this year's Annual ARGE Conference, and we hope you'll be joining us this year. 

Abano Terme will be the main location for all ARGE delegates from 4th to 5th September, but with trips planned to historic Padua, wine tasting in Prosecco and the option to visit the city of Venice itself, there's something for everyone. 

The event is kindly being hosted by SILCA S.P.A Treviso, and part of the itinerary will include a trip to its factory as one of the largest key manufacturers. 

Budapest was crucial for us last year in setting the scene for our sustainability journey, but this year will be vital for building on that. Progression has been swifter than we could have hoped for, with plans in place to deliver generic EPDs by summer 2015. To keep this momentum going it is important that as many delegates as possible attend the September conference, as this will be an ideal forum for discussion and a chance to set some more deadlines and targets. 

The working groups will also be providing updates on their latest projects. The more delegates that are there to engage with this, the more chance we have of achieving our goals and working toward a collective objective. 

If you have opions on the conference or suggestions for items you would like to see added to the programme, why not comment below...


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