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Workshops - What's happening next?

ARGE conference

If you attended the 2016 ARGE Conference, then you’ll know that the workshops set up to agree the next ARGE agenda were a central part of the event.

The four workshops were:

  1. The future direction of standards development
  2. Pan European routines for administering Master Key Systems (MKS)
  3. The development of an ARGE European quality mark
  4. The application of standards covering Smart Homes, connected devices and elmech technologies

Set up to debate and develop the future ARGE agenda, the four groups were well attended and featured stimulating discussions, demonstrating a high level of engagement with the future of ARGE.  

The next steps have now been agreed and we aim to keep all members up to speed with the progress of these groups as we get close to defining our strategic vision.

What do you need to know?

Firstly, the issue of standards development will be taken up as a joint project between the ARGE Executive Board, Working Group C (standardisation) and CEN TC33 Working Group 4. Once a plan is agreed they will present this to the ARGE membership, along with agreed timescales – watch this space!

In regards to Pan European routines for MKS it has been decided that more work is needed to understand the value in creating a working group. ARGE would value feedback or insight from its members – do you believe there is value in this a strategic project for ARGE? Leave your comments at the end of this post.

Whilst CE marking has afforded little protection against lower quality products, the creation of a European Quality Mark can only be set as a long-term target, due to the complexities involved in its realisation. Achieving a common agenda that is appropriate for all National Associations and the potential investment needed in marketing and lobbying calls for further consideration. A meeting has been called to discuss this further but we welcome the views of all members.

The rate of change of technology in the smart, connected and elmech market is accelerating to a point where standards are struggling to keep up, but is this an issue ARGE should take the lead on? Discussions at the conference seemed to suggest this area had potential and a working group has been set up to drive this project.

If you would like to get involved in any of these areas, please leave comment below or email


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