The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


ARGE Debate Generic EPD Offerings

PE EPD Proposal_07-13

The ARGE work groups have been developing solutions for the upcoming sustianability requirements that will affect everyone across the industry.

In ARGE's special Work Group for Sustainability detailed tenders for the best possible solution for ARGE members have been prepared. 

These will be present and evntually deliver generic market entry EPDs, which should be accepted by most of the European Green building systems and the European ECO platform. There are already several different approaches across Europe, ARGE's aim is to produce an accessible and generic EPD for hardware products. This can be used by all ARGE member companies, which participate in the project. 

ARGE believes that by investing in this work and developing the generic EPDs it will combine the efforst of many and avoid over complication.  ARGE has now received different approaches from 3 groups of Experts from different European Countries. The aim is to choose the most appropriate one at the Annual Conference in September!

Members can view the proposals in the member's resource area on the ARGE website.