The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


ARGE Executive Board Meeting Update

PCR_Building_Hardware Products-EPDs

The ARGE Executive Board met at the end of January to set the agenda for 2016.

Top of the agenda was the progress made on Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) project, which has been moving at a good pace. Central to EPD production are Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s), which are created by the application of Product Category Rules (PCR’s) for any given product category. PCR’s are therefore the building blocks for EPD’s. Consequently, the board was pleased to confirm that the final version of the ARGE PCR for the first wave of EPD’s has been published by IBU. ARGE’s consultants CETIM are currently adapting the draft EPD’s for this published PCR.  

Confident in the progress made so far, the board believes that the adapted EPD’s will be sent for verification by the end of February, with the result that ARGE should be able to release 13 EPD’s covering the main mechanical building hardware product categories by early summer 2016. ARGE then hope to release an EPD covering electro-mechanical locking by late summer.

Other discussions at the 2016 kick off meeting centered around plans for this year’s conference, which is due to be held in Le Touquet, France.  Provisional agendas and topics for discussion at the event held from 15th to 16th September are currently being confirmed and further information will soon be available on the ARGE website, Linked In page and via our ARGE emails.