The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


ARGE is The European Commissions Services Contact of Choice

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ARGE has been announced as the choice point of contact for the European Commission Services.

As previously reported, ARGE expressed its concern about the convulted procedures for finalising some of the important European standards for Hardware products. Due to various difficulties and the structure of the some of the draft standards we were aware that many of the delays were unavoidable. 

As a result of this ARGE is now in a position to directly contact the leaders of the responsible departments at the Commission Services and CEN - forming a direct point of contact for its members. This is possible, because ARGE is a PAN European Business Association and not representing the interests of only 1 country or company. The ARGE experts will meet with the Commissions delegates in September in Brussels in order to find practical and expeditious solutions. 

We hope that our members will make the most of this opportunity, please post any concerns or suggestions on our forum.