The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


ARGE Makes Positive Progress

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ARGE has kicked off 2018 as it means to continue, making progress in key areas of its future agenda.


Following the announcement last year of Paul Duggan’s resignation from the CEN/TC33/WG4 Convenorship, ARGE is committed to supporting this position and following a formal vote amongst its members decided to fund the role from 2018 onwards.

ARGE has held a series of interviews with potential candidates from across Europe, including Sweden, France and Germany.

Representing hardware manufacturers, ARGE has decided to propose Inge Lidén from Sweden and Anne-Marie Wolff from France as candidates for this role, and they – together with Jürgen Meinhardt from Germany – have entered into the voting amongst TC33 members who are eligible to vote.

ARGE believes having a dedicated WG4 Convenor, supported by the ARGE Executive Team, will improve the delivery and implementation of hardware product standards.

Master Key Systems Workshop

One the key areas identified at the 2017 ARGE Conference was the development of industry-wide guidance for data and system security management of Master Key Systems (MKS) which will address the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on this.

The ARGE MKS working group held a successful meeting in Velbert, Germany to further develop these guidelines and at the next meeting, to be held in spring, they will confirm the first draft publication date.

ARGE 2018 Conference  

ARGE has announced that this year’s annual conference will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 13th to 14th September.

At the next Executive Board meeting on 15th February, the ARGE board will draft the conference programme outline. Members can look forward to further announcements and we expect the official programme to be available from Spring 2018.

Also at this meeting the board will discuss the progress of its Working Group on the regulations of smart home devices.  

ARGE has started the year by making positive progress on some key initiatives and it plans to keep this momentum going throughout 2018.