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ARGE signs up to Digital Construction Manifesto

Digital construction manifesto

ARGE is pleased to have pledged its support for The European Construction Industry Manifesto for Digitalisation. 

You can read the Manifesto in the downloads section of the ARGE website. 

Signed and supported by leading industry bodies, the manifesto aims to encourage the digitalisation of the construction sector, in order to remain competitive in an increasingly global market. 

Recognising that this cannot be done in isolation, the manifesto calls for digital transformation ‘across the value chain’. 

ARGE supports the vision for the digitisation of the construction sector and believes it should be one of the main priorities of the EU political agenda. ARGE has pledged to support the manifesto’s three main pillars:

-      The EU must take the political lead on digital construction 

-      The need for an appropriate regulatory framework on data policy

-      An EU budget for the development of digital skills, R&D and the deployment of IT infrastructure. 

For further details, download the manifesto here