The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


ASSOFERMA Renews Its Membership


After 2 years of absence the Italian Association of locks and hardware, ASSOFERMA decided to renew its ARGE membership

Having undergone a structure and membership realignment, the body represents the interests of 16 members of the Italian lock and hardware industry. You can find details on ASSOFERMA on the 'members' section and the 'members directory' page of the ARGE website. 

As well as renewing its membership, following two years of change, the Italian national association has also signed up to ARGE's EPD programme, which has now reached 10 confirmed members with more expected to join before the September conference. 

ARGE is pleased that ASSOFERMA has rejoined as an important and valuable national association, and the decision to commit to the EPD programme is sure to benefit its members.