The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


Chairman's Interview


After a productive start to 2015, ARGE Chairman Hans Weissenböck, took some time to talk about what he believes the rest of the year has in store for ARGE and its members.


What are ARGE’s priorities for 2015?

The number one priority for this year, without doubt is the completion and provision of ARGE’s EPDs (environmental product declaration) for our members. We remain on course to have availability by the end of the year but it is important we keep momentum going throughout 2015 in order to achieve this.


Next on the horizon for ARGE is the introduction of our PCRs (product category rules) into harmonized hardware product standards covered by CEN/TC33, which we hope to influence and deliver as an accredited liaison member to TC33 and TC 350.


In addition, it still remains a key priority of ours to improve the communication with CEN, but particularly in relation to the standardization process. We hope, that through increased contact and dialogue with the Commission, to be able bring about improvements to the process, which is currently held up by unnecessary delays. 


Finally, we are also discussing the potential to reinstall the activities of Working Group M, which is tasked with investigating market statistics and market piracy.


So, another busy year ahead for ARGE!


EPDs clearly remain at the top of the ARGE agenda, is the project on course?

Very much so, we hope to have delivered what we promised by the end of the year. Despite introducing additional product categories to the initial plans, we expect the presentation of the feasibility study to be delivered on time. It is fair to say that the verified EPDs may be a little behind schedule, due to the product additions, but we hope to present the final drafts at this year’s conference with EPD availability following by the year end.


Why should members attend this year’s conference?

I’m a great believer in the importance of hearing information “first hand.” The conference will again explain the growing importance of EPDs within Europe, with the opportunity for members to ask questions and discuss, so they understand the commercial opportunities that this project can bring to our members.  The conference is an ideal forum for everyone to influence the ARGE strategy, which ultimately helps to benefit association members. You will not find a better opportunity to talk to other fellow industry professionals.  



A final word for ARGE members…

I would like to thank our members for their continued support and would encourage them all to get involved in ARGE. We aim to provide members with the opportunity to place their issues on ARGE’s agenda and bring changes to the industry for the benefit of all. Looking ahead we hope to explore new tasks for the common good of everyone within our industry.