The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


Defining and Deciding ARGE's Future

LeTouquet_Beach ARGE conference

This year’s conference will help define the ARGE agenda and identify future opportunities and projects that can bring commercial value for ARGE members.

As an association our real value is in having a relevant agenda that delivers tangible benefits to our members. When we introduced the importance of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) nearly four years ago at the 2012 ARGE Conference we believed that EPDs were exactly that – critical to our members and an agenda that will deliver commercial advantage to our members.

The progress we have made on this journey has proven that to be the case, but now our attention turns toward the future agenda.

The agenda we choose should have real deliverables and clear benefits to our members, as well as being an issue that is critical to accessing opportunities within the industry and defending threats. Previous areas we have discussed forming part of the ARGE agenda include the technology revolution, connected devices and an anti-lock manipulation standards, due to their direct impact on the commerciality of our members.

Whilst the Exec Board has ideas to input, ARGE is your association and we want it and the agenda to work for you. We want to encourage all members to have a say on the ideas and issues they believe are critical to their business or will have a major impact on our industry. Helping to form and shape the agenda and how we as an association work together to achieve our aims is vital. We encourage any feedback on how ARGE can work for you to enhance your business objectives and support you in challenging market conditions and a time of change for hardware products.

We believe our real value is in having a relevant agenda that delivers tangible benefits to our members, but what do you want from an agenda?

Should an agenda tackle some of the macro trends across the broader construction industry or do we need to concentrate on future-proofing our sector? For the past four years we have spent a lot of time and resource advocating the importance of sustainability, is this an issue that needs yet more focus in an industry where environmental capabilities are increasingly legislated for?

To enable this discussion on the future ARGE agenda and how we work for you, we are hosting workshops at this year’s conference and would actively encourage all members to engage with this.

We hope that members will attend this year’s event prepared to offer insight and thoughtful debate around the issues affecting their business and marketplace.

This year’s annual ARGE conference will be held on 15th and 16th September in Le Touquet, France you can find out more about the conference on our events page, or by following us and leaving a comment on Linked In.