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Positive Talks With The European Door & Shutter Federation

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ARGE has held positive talks with the European Door and Shutter Federation (EDSF), after presenting its sustainability roadmap and generic EPD proposals. 

Joachim Kieker, the General Secretary of ARGE introduced ARGE’s Sustainability Agenda and the according EPD project to the Technical Board of EDSF, highlighting the importance of the proposed industry solution for hardware products in construction. 

After the formal presentation, the resulting discussions wih experts from the EDSF, including Jan Pearson, EDSF President, saw a successful meeting of minds with both parties understanding the implications of the new requirements.   

Impressed with the practical and valuable solution proposed by ARGE, which will be extended to all its members, the Board set up a group of experts to take up the issue and understand how it can be implemented and beneficial for the EDSF. 

An appropirate roadmap for EDSF is to be evaluated as well as the formalising of a closer working relationship with ARGE. Christian Grabitz, EDSF General Secretary, commented "the acceptance of industry representing generic EPDs will be improved as more industrial sectors will follow that path, forcing a change within the market and amongst authorities."

ARGE is pleased to be in discussions with the EDSF and looks forward to creating a closer working relationship that will see the delivery of generic EPDs.