The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


Workshop about "DoPs on Websites" at the European Parliament

MEP Catherine Stihler and Delegates of the Construction Industy in Europe

On March 27th the MEP Catherine Stihler invited the construction industry to a discussion about the presentation of DoPs on websites. J. Kieker, the General Secretary of ARGE supported the view of CEPMC, that it is most advisable, if any manufacturer could present the necessary DoPs on his own website. The link of the detailed Website-position could then be added to the distribution papers. Besides CEPMC and ARGE, the industry was supported by FIEC and UFEMAT, the European Distributers of Construction Materials.

The delegate of the European Commission services, Mr. T. Mikkeli, Head of sector "Sustainable construction" within DG Enterprise realized and accepted the concerns of our industry, when it would come to paper versions of all DoPs. He promised practical solutions which will be laid down in a "Delegated Act" of the ECC, which will be expected in August or September 2013. As long as this did not happen, every manufacturer should use the tools he has to present DoPs in electronical versions.