The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers

What are the objectives of ARGE?

ARGE has 7 Objectives according to the ARGE Constitution.

The newest objective is:

‘To be aware of and to actively provide support to members over the issue of Sustainability both within the criteria of the Construction Production Regulations and outside of it’.

Other objectives are:

To use all reasonable and legal means to strengthen its members against incorrect policies and practices.

To respect any minority views expressed by members of ARGE and develop a common industry policy.

The issues on which common views should be developed include:

The needed establishment and promotion of European Products´ Standards and Norms.

The promotion and support of regulatory rules and/or guidelines governing fire, safety and security.

Raising awareness in the Industry of, and publicity of, the existence of unfair trading practices, including fraud, misrepresentation and product piracy, as well as patent infringement and copyright issues through its members (National Associations) and clear acceptance and promotion of the recognised rules of free competition.

To act by whatever means which are practical and affordable to help protecting our Industry through its members (National Associations) from the issues highlighted in points 1, 2, 3 and 4 above.

To create a platform to represent the interests and/or concerns of its members before European organizations, which only wish to address Pan European Associations and to inform consequently its members on issues, which are important to them.

To provide a framework for individuals within the industry to exchange views and acquire knowledge.

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