The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


Title: Cylinders for locks

Convenor: Hakan Hedlund, SEM-Group

Purpose: Task Group responsible for non-harmonized voluntary EN standards for cylinders, electromechanical cylinders and mechatronic door furniture (MDF).

Status: EN 1303 Mechanical cylinders: Published June 2015
Two active adhoc groups:
• Adhoc Manipulation
• Adhoc MKS

WI I33537 EN 15684 Electromechanical cylinder:

Published version 2012. Target date for starting CEN Enquiry 2019-04-04 1)  Stage 40.101)

WI 33552 prEN 16867 Mechatronic Door Furniture

CEN enquiry closed 2019-01-31.
Result: Approved with comments, see document TC 33 N3716 Target date 2019-08-29.

Latest meetings:        March 19th, 2019.