The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders Hardware Manufacturers


The regulations impacting our industry are about to change – and those changes will be legally binding across all our members.

The future review of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) across Europe is going to change the market we operate in. The next generation of the regulation will address the sustainability and the sustainable use of natural resources (under Basic Requirement of Construction Works N° 7 – BRCW7) as mandatory requirements for buildings.

So the question “if” sustainability will affect our members now becomes “when”.

The CPR will also require Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to follow a new version of the related standard (EN15804). This will lead to additional indicators and life cycle stages to deal with in an EPD.

ARGE is working to ensure that its members are best able to meet the forthcoming sustainability agenda – in such a way that will provide real commercial advantage. Embracing this critical agenda, ARGE is creating plans to deliver this for its members. 

The relation between the CPR revision, the related changes of the mandate m101 and the ne EN15804 for EPDs is declared in a brief report, which shows the recent ststus of the updates and the relevant timeschedule. You can find this report in the members download section.